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Sofi Tsedaka and the Baladis (the locals), an international musical group who is the fruit of a vision of Sofi Tsedaka, the group's soloist.

The baladis bring to the fore the ancient sounds of the ancient Hebrew music, that has been passed down from generation to generation in the people of Israel for 126 generations. Together they play poems and songs in a new and fresh spirit and surprising arrangements, all on ancient  and eternal musical instruments, which turn the musical meeting with the audience into an exciting and fascinating experience between old and new, folk and modern.

The Baladis are excited to release their second album "Listen". In this album they bring together their musical work in Israel and around the world from the last few years. Together they move between the diverse vocal sources and traditions from Israel and the ends of the world, passing between languages and cultures and blurring the boundaries between them with pleasure.



Vocal:sofi Tsedaka

Oud: Yaniv Taichman

Qanun: Yossi Bronfman

Perception:Gadi Seri

Flut : Yogev Levi

Sound: Mark Umanski

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