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From Israeli theaters and clubs, to the festival stages and concert halls of Europe and America, the soulful sounds of Sofi and the Baladis are awakening audiences to the musical richness of one of the world’s most ancient cultures.

The songs are ancient prayers From the ancestors of the Samaritan people. Written approximately 4000 years ago,  telling the story of Avishua who was the son of Pinhas, who was the son of Elazar, who himself wasthe son of Aharon the high priest.  Avishua edited the "book of Torah" (The old Testament)  in the 13 year of the people of Israel  in the land of Kanaan. For over 125 generations the Samaritan people have succeeded in preserving the Book of Tora and the ancient Hebrew language been used for prayers over the generations until today. Sofi Tsedaka born into the smallest "ethnoreligious community in the world- 700 people all together.
a community that not only demonstrate remarkable resilience, but also a wonderful ability to coexist between and among both Arabs and Jews in the land of Israel.

In 2013, Tsedaka formed the ensemble Sofi and the Baladis.  Their work centers on those musical traditions which Sofi carries deep in her soul. The group's multi-lingual concerts blur the boundaries of middle Eastern culture, and the compelling commentary Sofi provides recounts the story of the Tsedaka family, a story of Sofi's search for balance, understanding, faith, and belonging as she navigates the pathway between her Samaritan, Jewish, and Arab identities. 

Vocals: Sofi Tsedaka

Oud: Yaniv Taicman

Qanun: Ariel Qassis|

Percussion: Gadi Seri

Flute: Yogev Levi

Record producer: Amitai Pariente

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